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Brushing and flossing alone do not remedy bad breath because the tongue is like a sponge: It holds rotting food particles, old cells, microbes, toxins, and nasty odors. Apply a few drops directly to your tongue and discover how Linguadent rapidly attracts, lifts out, and washes away trapped, odor-causing debris without brushing or scraping.


Coating Removal

Acts to remove that unsightly white/yellowish coating on your tongue

Fast Action

Fast cleansing and deodorizing action and more

Improves Taste

Tongue cleansing often improves taste perception and enjoyment of food

Removes Debris

Lifts away decomposing cells and debris on your tongue and taste buds

Better Mornings

Linguadent works throughout the night to freshen morning breath


Natura Bio-active Botanical Complex of Extracts, Essential Oils, and Resins

No Alcohol
No Toxic Solvents
Never Tested On Animals
All Organic / Non-GMO Ingredients

Palm or Coconut Glycerine (Non GMO), Organic Oils of Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed, and Pomegranate; Proprietary Italian Lava Clay, Mediterranean Marine Saline Mineral Complex, Organic Acacia Gum

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