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Dentizyme cleans teeth and gums so well that some dental offices recommend it to their patients. We think it's a real upgrade from toothpaste and many of our customers agree. Drink coffee, smoke, or have teeth stains? Dentizyme works even harder for you.

About Dentizyme

Brushing your teeth with Dentizyme removes ugly dental plaque and surface stains while it deodorizes your mouth.  It powerfully cleanses periodontal tissue, essential for keeping your gums tight, and finishes with a fresh aftertaste that should leave you feeling confident in your breath. Use daily instead of (or in addition to) toothpaste.


Removes Plaque

Removes unsightly plaque from your teeth, helping to restore your smile

Periodontal Cleanse

Deep clean and deodorize periodontal tissue where harmful microbes hide

Freshens Breath

Quickly destroys odor-causing microbes, freshening breath

Lifts Stains

Removes surface stains on teeth as well as hidden debris

Shines Enamel

Protects, beautifies, and restores enamel sheen for a clean, vibrant look


No Alcohol
No Toxic Solvents
Never Tested On Animals
All Organic or Non-GMO Ingredients

Palm or Coconut Glycerine (Non-GMO), Mediterranean Marine Saline Mineral Complex™, Organic Acacia Gum, and Organic Guar Gum

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