Lavadent is a natural teeth-whitening and polishing product. It doesn't contain any peroxides or toxic chemicals frequently used in dental teeth cleaning or at-home teeth whitening products. 

About Lavadent

Apply to your toothbrush. This gentle, liquid extract derived from minerals, botanicals, and cutting-edge technology contribute improvements to the beauty of teeth surfaces. Use as often as desired without concern for tooth sensitivity, corrosive enamel thinning, or potentially harmful effects. Lavadent can also be used for deep cleaning of gums and other mouth tissues.


Whitens Teeth

Dental brightening and whitening for making teeth look their best, naturally

Plaque Removal

Works to remove plaque in a powerful manner that makes teeth shine.

Shines Enamel

Lavadent shines teeth enamel for healthier-looking and brighter teeth

Polishes Teeth

Polishing effect that leaves teeth feeling "squeaky" clean

Potent Formula

Formulated with powerful herbs and minerals to help keep teeth at their best


No Alcohol
No Toxic Solvents
Never Tested On Animals
All Organic or Non-GMO Ingredients

Palm or Coconut Glycerine (Non-GMO), Proprietary Italian Lava Clay - Mediterranean Marine Saline Mineral Complex™, Organic Acacia Gum, Organic Guar Gum

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