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NaturaRx: Dentizyme™ for dental/periodontal hygiene


Removes plaque and stains from teeth while deep-cleaning gums

NaturaRx: Dentizyme™ Kidz  - Dental/Periodontal Hygiene for Children.

Dentizyme Kidz™

It's just like Dentizyme, but formulated for your children

NaturaRx: Lavadent™ - Natural Teeth Whitening


Whitens your teeth without peroxides or similar chemicals

Linguadent™ offers exceptional tongue and mouth cleaning / freshening


Tired of tongue scrapers? Clean your tongue, no scraper necessary

Customer Testimonials

“I have only used this product for about 10 days now and I already see a difference in my teeth. When I was visiting with a neighbor she suddenly said in the middle of our conversation, 'Your teeth are so white.' They are whiter and stay white without the film we usually get by mid day."

J.P. - Westfield, MA
Lavadent User

"My store carries over 4,000 items; if I had to choose only ten items to sell among the 4,000, Dentizyme would be among those ten."

 D. M. - Country Health Store - Reno, NV
Dentizyme Merchant

"I've been using Dentizyme for several years and will never go back to toothpaste. [...] Tastes great - I keep a bottle in my purse and use a few drops as a breath freshener. Highly recommend!!!!" 

Kelly - from a 5-star Review
Dentizyme User

"I saw results with Lavadent within a week. I had one tooth that was discolored a little more than the the others, but with the Lavadent and Dentizyme combination, it is blending in with the others. My mouth feels very fresh. There is nothing that I've ever tried that I've been this satisfied with.."

T. P., Brentwood, NH
Dentizyme & Lavadent User

“[...] If this product were protected by a patent and produced by Big Pharma you'd be hearing a lot about it. And it would cost a whole lot more. But it's all natural, and relatively inexpensive. Try it for yourself and then get it for friends and family, too. It's the real deal.”

Jeff R. - from a 5-star Review
Dentizyme User

“I just want to say thank you for Dentizyme. I have been using it for a year now, and my dentist and his staff were impressed with how clean and decay free my mouth was. I can't believe how good this product is. My gums don't hurt. There is no plaque build-up. I'm off to the dentist now!”

C. A. P. - Phoenix, AZ
Dentizyme User

Where to Find Natura Products

Our products are sold here and on other merchant websites; and in specialty stores such as health food stores, spas, herb shops, vitamin stores, gourmet food stores, pharmacies, dentist / practitioner offices, and other locations that choose to offer high quality, natural products.

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