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Complete Oral Care Regimen
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Oral Care Counter Display of Teeth Whitening and Teeth Cleaning Products

How to Whiten Your Teeth At Home 
With Support From
Natural Teeth Cleaning Products with Deep Gums Cleaning Action

Dentizyme™: Dental Deep Cleaning with All Natural Ingredients
Dentizyme™ is a superior teeth whitening product dental hygiene support because it helps to maintain the cosmetic teeth whitening achieved with Lavadent™ while also providing deep gums cleaning with organic herbs and organic essential oils. It has many teeth and gum beautifying uses along with a great tasting spearmint top note of taste. It is an alcohol-free and fluoride-free natural oral care herbal extract formulated with a unique combination of natural ingredients: organic herbs, organic essential oils, and wild-harvested resins that enable it to be an enzymatic, fast-acting formulation unsurpassed for its abiltiy to greatly assist the body to improve the health and beauty of teeth, gums, and oral tissue. Brush with Dentizyme™ and other NaturaRx dental hygiene products to remove plaque, surface stains, and to naturally freshen and deodorize the entire mouth for outstanding dental hygiene.

Lavadent™: At Home Teeth Whitening Product - Best of Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth
Lavadent™ is a unique, state-of-the-art natural teeth whitening at home and teeth polishing product. It does not contain carbamide peroxide or any toxic chemicals used in teeth cleaning and general market teeth whitening products. It is a very versatile product that offers the best natural ways to whiten teeth. It is a superior dental whitening and dental hygiene product that cleans with Mediterranean minerals and organic botanicals. It is easy and very safe to use as often as you wish. It will not whiten as much as the dentist laser teeth whitening achieved with carbamide peroxide and other dental technology because it does not bleach teeth in a laser whitening manner. The outcome of this dental product compares more to to the best at home teeth whitening products sold in pharmacies and other stores, but without the concern of possible side effects to your teeth and mouth tissue health. It is much more likely to have better and safer results than the diy teeth whitening that people attempt at home.

The results achieved by Lavadent™ are a beautiful, natural white aligned to each individual's shade of white. without bleaching agents or the use of artificial or harsh chemicals. This 100% natural dental product has a spearmint top note of taste. It is a liquid herbal extract that only relies on the creative use of minerals, botanicals, and cutting-edge technology for improvements to the appearance of teeth surfaces. Many people who use this product believe that it is the best of ways to whiten your teeth at home.

Dentizyme Kidz™: Dental Deep Cleaning for Children's Teeth
Dentizyme Kidz™ is Dentizyme™ as described above (but with a peppermint and spearmint combination top note of taste), but formulated to a gentler action for children.

New Product!
Linguadent™: Tongue Exfoliating / Cleansing / Deodorizing Therapy 
Linguadent™ exfoliating tongue cleansing ingredients attract, lift out, and cleanse away trapped, odor-causing debris without brushing or scraping. These 100% organic ingredients are scientifically used in formulating this artisan product in order to equip you with a powerful addition to your daily oral care regimen. This product may be used whenever oral freshening is needed.

Health Articles by Dr. Mary Louise Rodio
For reliable and effective health information, refer to Dr. Rodio's nutrition articles organized as Digestive Health Articles, or Mental / Emotional Health Articles or Oral / Dental Health Articles, or Health-Related Recipes with vegetarian, non-yeast, and non-dairy ingredients such as the Vegan Recipes.

Where Can These Herbal Products Be Purchased?
Natura oral hygiene products are natural dental products made with organic and wild harvested ingredients using time-tested artisan methods of maintaining small batches during manufacture to insure quality and potency. These superior, organic, herbal extracts are sold on this site or in specialty stores such as health food stores, herb shops, vitamin stores, gourmet food stores, some pharmacies, and other establishments that offer quality nutritional products. To determine if a store in your area carries natural products formulated by Dr. Rodio, refer to our Contact page.

Made with Organic Herbs and Organic Essential Oils - No Alcohol
For over 20 years, Natura Botanical Laboratories has been providing high quality wholesale and retail herbal products. These natural hygiene products incorporate certified organic herbs, wild harvested herbs, organic essential oils, and wild-harvested resins without the use of solvents such as alcohol or hexane, etc. in any of our herbal extracts. Natura products are never tested on animals and do not contain any animal derived ingredients. All of our extracts have a very pleasant taste. Each of them have a distinctive icon image on the front of the bottle so that you can easily distinguish one product from the other.

Many of our customers tell us that they especially enjoy using our oral care liquid herbal extracts, because they are very potent and they taste unexpectedly good. Every 100% natural herbal product that Natura makes retains potency while having a pleasant taste - usually of spearmint, or peppermint top notes. 

A great deal of thought goes into the efficacy, delicate balance, and harmonious blending of the herbal products. Whenever possible, we use organic herbs and organic essential oils ingredients. It is very rare that an effective herbal extract formulation (or single herb extract) is also pleasant to swallow; however, all Natura formulations have that unique distinction. They are the practical result of years of experimentation and study by Ethnobotanical Research Scientist Dr. Mary Louise Rodio, the Director of Arizona-based Natura Health Services, Inc. 

Natura herbal dental products have full disclosure of the herbal extract ingredients on their labels. None of our herbal products contain added yeast, dairy, sugar, soy, xanthan gum, or other common allergens. Neither do they contain fluoride or corrosive chemical sudsing agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES).

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Note: The information contained within this page is made available for educational purposes only and should not be misconstrued as a substitute to individual medical care.

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“I love Dentizyme...  It took brown smoking stains off my husband’s teeth.”
J. B., Lawrence, MA

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